"I love Court club Physical Therapy! Kim goes out of her way to help me get appointments and even remembers my schedule and calls when someone cancels! Deanna has taught me so much! I really feel she has changed my life for the better!" -Brandy

"I had surgery in April, started therapy the following Monday with Julie and Shelly. So far, this is the best I have felt in over 9 years. I'm doing things that I haven't been able to do in a long time. You girls rock! Thank you so much." -Joseph

“Highly skilled therapists taught me individualized exercises that would help alleviate my pain at home and at the Club. Tri-City Court Club Physical Therapy helped me to improve my strength and well-being and to keep going.” – Barbara

“The staff is super friendly. Julie is an amazing physical therapist. If I ever need one again, I'm coming back here.” - Jamie

“I am back to being able to do yoga and jog after months of pain.” - Athena

“I have had the pleasure of participating in the Physical Therapy program and would give the whole department the very best rating possible. At every session the staff was, and is, giving me the encouragement and training needed for me to meet and exceed my goals. In all types, from pool therapy to the many types of quality equipment available, the staff have given me the guidance and counseling appropriate for my needs.” – Don

“I am very pleased with the help I receive in PT, both Julie and Shelly are attentive to my needs and hold me to high expectations w/o overdoing it.” – Sandra

“Grateful for such professional and caring staff.” – Lynnette

“I love everyone in your office. Chris, Julie and Shelly are wonderful and professional. You are all the best!” – Laura

“It has been a real pleasure having Julie and Shelley work with me after having had major back surgery. They have made an incredible change in my recovery in one short month. They both have the ability to tailor the exercise plan for the day depending upon your pain level on a day to day basis. Translation = excellent recovery and results. I am thankful to have found them!!” – Ellen K.