Physical Therapy

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Your Concerns/What we treat:

Orthopedic injuries, Planter Fasciitis, Joint Replacements, Headaches, Dysfunctions, Tennis Elbow, Diastasis Recti, Parkinson's Symptoms, Gait Issues, TJM MS Symptoms, Fibromyalgia, Lymphedema, Pain: Back, Shoulder, Legs, Arms and Joints.

Manual Therapy 

The human body is like a puzzle.  Each joint is made up of muscles and bones that fit together in a certain way. When one of the pieces becomes rotated out of place due to injury or repetitive stress, pain is usually the result. Doctors use imaging technology such as x-rays, MRIs and CT scans, to see these abnormalities. The manual therapists at Court Club Physical Therapy use their hands to feel the subtlest abnormalities that are sometimes not even picked up on imaging. If a muscle is too tight, the therapists will use their hands to release tension. If a joint is misaligned, the therapist will use gentle techniques to correct the alignment. All of this is followed up with a home program so that you can manage your pain independently after you are discharged from PT. Please call and ask to speak to a therapist to see if manual therapy is right for you.

Therapeutic Exercise

Often after an injury you need to build strength and endurance as part of the rehabilitation process. The therapists at Court Club Physical Therapy are experts in designing an exercise program specialized to get you back to your normal life.  This process is enhanced thanks to your access to the weight lifting, pool and cardiovascular equipment at Tri City Court Club.

Jones Strain Counterstrain

Jones Strain Counterstrain was developed by Dr. Lawrence Jones as a hands-on treatment technique in the 1950's.  It has continued to evolve and expand and is now known as Fascial Counterstrain. This technique improves arterial blood flow while assisting in lymphatic and venous drainage.  It decreases muscle and ligamentous dysfunction and relieves nerve tension.  It also serves as a pain-free treatment for tissue dysfunction. 

Kinesio Tape

Kinesio tape is a flexible elastic tape that moves with your body.  It provides pain relief by assisting with the support and control of body parts affected by muscle inhibition.