About Us

Court Club Physical Therapy was founded in 2003 by Carlton and Lynda Cadwell.  Their vision was to create a physical therapy environment that addresses the full range of patient recovery needs in a convenient, easy to access location.  By building Court Club Physical Therapy inside the Tri-City Court Club, patients have the best of both worlds:  a full-service physical therapy clinic with access to Tri-City Court Club's extensive health and fitness facilities. While a patient you will enjoy access to Tri-City Court Club's weights, aquatic fitness classes and a warm-water swimming pool with a hydraulic lift.  

It's all about the team.

Patient progress toward a full recovery is our number one mission.  We believe that goal is best achieved through personalized care.  At Court Club Physical Therapy work with a licensed therapy care provider at all times, and are never referred to a non-licensed therapy aide.  We also believe that each patient is unique, so we often incorporate a "team" approach by using the specialized expertise of other therapists in the clinic.  Another vital component of that team is you, the patient.  You will participate actively in the recovery process by providing constant feedback, and performing exercises designed to keep your recovery on track.  That way, when the time comes to be on your own, you are confident in your ability return to your active life.